Duties of Working Committee

The president shall preside over all the meetings and general body of WMA and shall be generally responsible for the proper management. He will be the final authority to approve or reject the matters related WMA.

Vice President shall act on absence of the president and working president to perform their duties and officiate in the absence of the president and working president. He will be responsible to carry out and perform any orders of president and working president time to time.

General Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of all registers and records especially the register of members with names and other relevant details of all members of WMA. He shall be responsible to prepare agenda for the meetings time to time & convene meetings time to time in consultation with president depends upon issues and programmes.

The secretary shall assist the general secretary in the performance of his duties and shall officiate in the absence of general secretary.

The treasurer shall be responsible for all collections and safe custody of funds collected, issuing receipts for payments and maintenance of account books.

The role of the Executive Members is to implement the aims and objectives of the WMA. It also advises, reviews, steers and monitors the work of the Working Group.